Wallpaper Installation

Wall preparation:
The surface must be clean and smooth; a light sanding is recommended.
Never install on a latex primer; if the surface needs to be repaired or re-painted, you have 3 options:
1. Apply a latex primer and one coat of semi-gloss paint and wait 21 days before installation.
2. Apply one coat of oil primer and wait 3 days before installation.
3. Apply one coat of shellac sealant and wait 1 hour before installation.
Installation instructions:
To make sure that your first strip is accurately level, with a pencil and a level, draw a vertical line 26" from the starting corner. Determine the height needed for the wall and allow an extra 2" at the top and bottom of the strip in case the floor and/or ceiling are not level.
Lay your first strip with the design down and using a good quality paint brush, apply the glue evenly on the back of the strip (make sure that the top, bottom and edges are well covered with glue).
Tip: To make sure that you have an even distribution of glue on the back of the strip, use a damp paint roller and roll over all sections of the strip, especially the edges.
Clean the excess glue off the roller after 2 strips have been applied. Book the strip (fold in half) glue on glue for 5 minutes, making sure that edges are flush with each other.
Apply the strip to the wall and butt with adjacent seam. The strip will be easy to position and align. If you are having trouble lining the pattern, don't panic, you have quite a bit of time before the glue sets so don't be afraid to remove the paper and try again if need be. 
Using a soft wallpaper smoother, gently smooth outward from the centre of the strip to the edges avoiding overworking the edges.
Using a fresh utility knife and a sharp edge ruler, trim the excess paper from top and bottom of the wall. Repeat this step after each strip application.
Use a damp cloth to smooth down the seams and the top and bottom edges. Try to eliminate as many air bubbles as you can, any extra stubborn air bubbles that remain will disappear once the paper has dried fully. The paper will start to dry in approximately 2 hours but allow up to 24 hours for bubbles to disappear completely.